A little over a month ago, I began drinking sparkling water (agua con gas) instead of wine. I love the vastly reduced clink-clank of bottle recycling, and the cash savings will certainly buy a little sushi, but I didn’t feel good about the single-use plastic water bottles from the supermarket. Given tightening purity standards in China for recyclables, many municipalities up north have gone from making a little selling recyclables, to paying much more to send them to a landfill. I don’t know the status…Continue Reading “Reduce, re-use: yes; recycle: no”

We haven’t gone out for ice cream this summer, and Syd mentioned vanilla with walnuts and maple syrup, and seeing as we had the latter two ingredients – and the weather being insufferably hot – I procured the former. I think it’s been eight years since I used the ice cream scoop we purchased here. It was a piece of crap then, and now, even on ice cream fresh from the store, it was even more a piece of crap: Yes, digging into relatively soft…Continue Reading “The scoop”

A few years ago I started paying around with cryptocurrencies. I’m not sure what got me onto Startcoin, but it was probably during a particularly frothy period where a gimmicky 20-something took to YouTube to present himself as an expert and this was The. Next. Great. Thing. Some time ago, an exchange warned me to move my holdings to my own wallet, since they were delisting it for lack of activity. Duly noted – recent global 24 trading volume USD 2: Think that’s bad? Here’s…Continue Reading “Startcoin, stopped”

I stopped by the butcher to get menudos (giblets) and corazón (beef heart) for the dogs. To my surprise, prices had jumped significantly from the last time I looked at a receipt a couple weeks ago: That’s a 25% and 10% increase respectively. Same thing at Tienda Inglesa: Mushrooms have gone up 22% in the last two weeks. In our little local store, the price of eggs has gone up 8% in the last two weeks. This is not a case of higher prices for…Continue Reading “Currency value decline a.k.a. inflation”

Don’t know how I got on the mailing list of these asshats, but at least they have a sense of humor! “Journalists who stop at nothing to uncover the facts.” [Insert comment about Tooth Fairy here].