I was surprised to buy something the other day and see the label in Russian. And what was the product (don’t look at the pictures – oh wait, you just did)? An outside vent cover. Interesting to note that the email address uses commas instead of periods. And the upper right is in German, but missing an umlaut: Der Grüne Punkt,” a European network of industry-funded systems for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods.” Hard to imagine what exactly this product did to win…Continue Reading “Russian!”

Today we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary a couple days late, after trying to resolve an import issue which I will probably write about tomorrow, in the furrows of Latin American bureaucracy. It was a very reasonable (~USD 25 each) gourmet lunch at Alquimista, #1 of Montevideo restaurants according to tripadvisor.com. Exiting, I noticed this unique take on parallel parking nearby. Carrasco (which I’ve talked about here and here) is visually appealing, upscale, and in general hell for parking. And, lovely as it appears, maybe…Continue Reading “Observations, Carrasco”

A German friend introduced me to the term “project fatigue,” and it describes perfectly the MEGO (my eyes glaze over) feeling I get with renovations and other work proceeding at glacial (lack of) speed. Also, when I hire someone to do a job, it is not my job to tell them how to do it. Get on with it! And so it was that I wasn’t paying particular attention when Martín put the sheetrock ceilings in our little country house a few years ago. He…Continue Reading “Jack of all, master of …”

Shopping for most things in Uruguay is not fun, given prices, lack of selection and quality, and not-quite-ready-for-first-world business practices. But recently, shopping for tile, at least I found a title amusement in these ceramic tile displays. OK, the English-sign thing. That’s definitely got appeal. Of course they’re missing out by not including possessive apostrophes, but ta. I don’t see how ceramic versions of old American license plates would find a place in too many design schemes. But then again I’m often surprised at the…Continue Reading “Tiles”