Fig report

My friend Mike has written about the weirdness of his garden this year, and asked me about our figs tree in the country. I frankly don’t pay much attention because I have no expectation of every enjoying figs from it, given the voracious wild parrots.


Fig leaves dropping early, Uruguay February 2015

the fruit is very small and the leaves are turning brown and dropping off.

¿Cambio climatico? indeed.




Yay! Water!

So far, this is the most insufferably hot day of the summer  currently reporting 35° C (95% F) in Montevideo. Clouds are piling up, and it has that “this has to break soon” feeling: i.e., rain.

And the little joys — the sudden sound of water filling a toilet tank after several hours without water. We never lack for drinking water; I tend toward stockpiling (horoscope: Cancer) and my wife knows the value of water having experienced the Cyprus coup and invasion of 1974 somewhat intimately.

Regardless, to suddenly lose water on the hottest day of the year is disconcerting. I was reminded, in the heat with no water, of the drought in neighboring Brazil. Even though rain in January here is unusual — except for last year and this year — I can’t complain …

summer clouds promising rain in Uruguay

… as I hear thunder in the distance.

Big rain yesterday


5 cm in 30 minutes, and Montevideo has a little problem area to work on.


An unusually tall bank carved out of sand by the runoff in Atlántida. The dog in the distance, which is bigger than my dog in the foreground, gives better perspective.