This will be a little obscure to someone who hasn’t actually suffered through daily life in Acodike’s Uruguay. Gas for cooking (“Supergas”) comes in metal gas bottles sold by many vendors. All have phone numbers, and will bring gas on demand for a slight charge. And of course everyone has a cell phone, so anyone can phone anytime, anywhere, and have replacement gas within a few minutes. However, one company thinks we still live in the 1990s, and has its drivers – apparently on commission,…Continue Reading “100 reasons not to live in Uruguay”

A little over a month ago, I began drinking sparkling water (agua con gas) instead of wine. I love the vastly reduced clink-clank of bottle recycling, and the cash savings will certainly buy a little sushi, but I didn’t feel good about the single-use plastic water bottles from the supermarket. Given tightening purity standards in China for recyclables, many municipalities up north have gone from making a little selling recyclables, to paying much more to send them to a landfill. I don’t know the status…Continue Reading “Reduce, re-use: yes; recycle: no”