Could be worse (DTOTB)

dead fish washed up on beach, Atlántida, Uruguay

We live near the mouth of the Rio de la Plata, and the water at the beach goes from being salt-free enough that the dogs will drink it, to being so salty that I can float (and I generally cannot float). Occasionally, best I can tell, the “wrong” water sweeps in, killing fish that aren’t adapted to it, which then wash up on shore. This looks a bit odiferous, and it was; I didn’t go for a walk this morning.

However, twice since we’ve been here I’ve seen the entire beach carpeted with dead fish, all their eyes pecked out by the birds.

Loverly, eh?




I used to think of myself as a mountain person, and perhaps still do. I can’t wait to explore Bolivia (this week’s armchair travel :).

But my usually-daily 2-mile walk reveals a beach that constantly changes — not as much as the mouth of the Solís Chico in parque del Plata, my favorite. A couple of things it served up this morning:

Dead things on the beach, Atlántida, Uruguay

Dead things on the beach, Atlántida, Uruguay


* dead things on the beach