There may be a story here … or not. Pigeon on TV antenna. Yes, weather that dreary. A dead penguin on the beach. An appeal to ecological awareness, which caused me to remark how surprisingly free of plastic waste the beach in fact was. And a surprise: the fishing platform mostly gone – it has been a long time since I walked on the beach. It always had room for several people … no more. And Mocha never stopped running the entire time – so…Continue Reading “A walk on the beach”

I haven’t been to the beach with Benji frequently since we started walking with Syd and his five dogs in the wastelands (literally) of Villa Argentina norte. Variety of reasons: conversations with Syd tend to be considerably more interesting than conversations with Benji; Benji usually gets more sustained running given all the other dogs including rabbit scout Jordy; and I don’t have to throw a stick into the waves 20 or 30 times in succession. But from time to time I am reminded of the…Continue Reading “Back to the beach”

While watching organic fruits and vegetables harvested to order today — lettuce, swiss chard, celery, carrots, arugula, grapefruit — from the greenhouse I noticed something I’d never before seen to the east: water. Not the ocean, but the Río Solís Chico. I asked Ricardo about it. Sí, hay much’ agua. So I had to check on our tajamar (pond), and wow, yeah, lots of water. From our little country place — just a few hundred meters from Pilar’s, where the every-other-week feria organica happens, I could also see the river….Continue Reading “Much’ agua”