At the Christmas day party of our neighbors, we met a house-sitting couple from North Carolina who happen to be professional videographers with decades of experience, who love stories. And we – particularly my wife, who got caught in the middle of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and who survived a perilous crossing of the Indian Ocean in monsoon season, detailed in her memoirs – have a few. Charles and Linda came to visit and we set a date and time for a shoot for…Continue Reading “The shoot”

I wondered what would happen to the left-behinds, and it appears that anything goes, indeed. The big container re-appeared in position number one. Inside it appear what looks like the base of a fan, and a toilet, along with podas. But no visible appliance or fencing from my previous post. So perhaps the people who delivered this container, being more than one and thus able to load those items into the container, did so, and took them away? If so, a remarkable and encouraging display…Continue Reading “Hypothesis #2 proves out, apparently”

Maybe six months ago I wrote to the Intendencia of Canelones (our departamento), who had been putting up lots of signs like this. Given a ditch in front of my house, and narrow street, where exactly was I supposed to put tree and bush trimmings (podas), I asked? I never received a reply. However, a month or so ago a large container appeared nearby on the large circular lot, and filled rapidly. It actually appears in two different places. This was the second. And here is the…Continue Reading “Dealing with the podas”

I’m no fan of two-stroke engines, because if you don’t use them regularly they simply don’t start. Sometimes it works to empty the fuel-oil mixture, start and run for a few seconds with straight gasoline. Sometimes, and inevitably messy. “Start chainsaw” has been on my to-do list for weeks now – maybe months – while the thing sat on a big piece of cardboard, oil slowly leaking and soaking through to the baldosa tile floor below. Rather than actually try to start it, yesterday I…Continue Reading “Submerged stethoscope”

For a year now I’ve had a calendar from a local pharmacy hanging on my wall next to a window I often leave open a little at night – which occasionally Mocha the dog opens further with his nose. This morning, for the first time I ever, I came downstairs to this: The calendar, blown off its nail and on the floor. But of course: its time is up. I replaced it. Only in processing the photo – not taking it – did I notice…Continue Reading “New year reminder”