“So, the heaviest tourist season is over. What now?” “Well you know that heavily-used pedestrian crossing by the Playa Mansa?” “Of course. Leading to the most crowded beach, saw a lot of pedestrian traffic. Typical January. What about it?” “It’s kinda faded.” “You’re right. Now that the bulk of the tourists are gone, this might be a good time to repaint it. You know, so cars can see it better. Safety thing.” “My thinking exactly.”

Our timing was bad, but our location could have been worse. Walking dogs at 5:00 PM, Syd and I got rained on to the point that I decided going into an air-conditioned supermarket in wet cotton might not be the best idea. And it was necessary: we were out of wine! It’s not killer air conditioning as in the Untied Snakes, but I remember well from my days as a summer camp counselor in Maine: Cotton Kills. Hypothermia is not your friend. Home, just a couple kilometers…Continue Reading “Una locura”

When we first moved here, we found an older tapicero – upholsterer – to redo a bunch of used furniture we had purchased. We haven’t needed work done since, but I don’t that guy is still working, and I do think about it from time to time. So when I saw a guy in the feria for the second time advertising his services, I thought it might be a good idea to ask for a business card. Which I did. This is what I got: No…Continue Reading “The business card”

At the Christmas day party of our neighbors, we met a house-sitting couple from North Carolina who happen to be professional videographers with decades of experience, who love stories. And we – particularly my wife, who got caught in the middle of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and who survived a perilous crossing of the Indian Ocean in monsoon season, detailed in her memoirs – have a few. Charles and Linda came to visit and we set a date and time for a shoot for…Continue Reading “The shoot”