This morning’s non-events

This might go faster than I expected:


Unfortunately, I was correct:


Gorgeous day, inexplicably empty beach:


Populated only by large dead fish, perhaps caught in changing salt/fresh water in yesterday’s stormy weather. With eyes intact: not a sign of seagulls. Yet.

dog with fish on beach, Uruguay
Benji is still at that “everything’s-a-toy” stage.


For the record

They’ve got a little guard shack and a backhoe, so it looks like action time on this lot near us. This is for the record. Let’s see how long it takes them to build something. Might be fast; steel-frame houses are becoming more popular. Or might not.

Beginning of construction, Uruguay

Beginning of construction, Uruguay

Not encouraging


About 500 meters from our front door, what looks like it can be only one thing: the base of a cell tower. I don’t like cell towers. I rarely use my cell phone. I have used one so little that I can still feel the numbness around my ear that no doubt you have long since gotten used to.

Slow construction in Uruguay

Slow construction finally finished in Atlántida, Uruguay

This attractive duplex on the Rambla (beachfront road) appears to be nearing completion after what seems to me an inordinately long time. I remember specifically because the owners, Argentines, rented the  El Nido Beach Hotel last summer, whether to house workers or run as a business I don’t know.

Anyway, as I have documented nearby in the past, by the time the place is ready for occupation the high season will have passed. Rents here are massively higher than the rest if the year, from 15 December through 15 March. So if you wanted to rent in the high season, you’d want to have it ready in December. Should be able to build a house in a year, no?

But then again I have no idea why they built it.