A little security company mini-minivan pulled partway into our driveway and beeped the horn. When I went out front, the driver got out, leaving two (three?) people sitting in the car. He was offering a security special of free installation something yadda yadda. I told him we had lived here almost ten years with dogs and no security company, and that the only problem we’d had during that time was the alarms of our absentee neighbors’ systems going off at all hours for no apparent…Continue Reading “Security, wherever you are”

Walking dogs a few days ago, we crossed a wide sand road very recently groomed – the entire thing was parallel furrows. Nothing else. I took a picture. I lost the picture. Don’t ask me how. Anyway, same place, same time, next day. Lots of horses had used it, apparently. I don’t recall ever seeing more than two horses at a time out there, maybe three. And I make no claims of expertise. But that looks like the tracks of much more than two or even…Continue Reading “The road less taken”

This will be a little obscure to someone who hasn’t actually suffered through daily life in Acodike’s Uruguay. Gas for cooking (“Supergas”) comes in metal gas bottles sold by many vendors. All have phone numbers, and will bring gas on demand for a slight charge. And of course everyone has a cell phone, so anyone can phone anytime, anywhere, and have replacement gas within a few minutes. However, one company thinks we still live in the 1990s, and has its drivers – apparently on commission,…Continue Reading “100 reasons not to live in Uruguay”

I’ve always liked autumn. “Back to school” was an exciting for me as a kid. New clothes! New faces! New things to learn! Autumn here is familiar: crisp air, blue sky, bright sun (and a few sort-of-almost-colorful leaves). But northern hemisphere signals persist, and part of me thinks it’s spring cleaning time: focus on clothes, tools, organizing nooks and crannies, passing on unused items. One morning my little tinkering-space caught my attention. It was trivial to cut a shelf in half to make cans more…Continue Reading “Shipshape”