The brakes on my bike had gotten bad enough that stopping without putting shoes on pavement was no longer a sure thing. (You will, by the way, often see Uruguayans braking bikes and even motos using that method.) So I rode it in the wilting heat this morning to the little bike shop for them to do their magic. Bicycle repair really does seem like magic to me, especially after I try to do it. I then walked to Tienda Inglesa, where a cashier last…Continue Reading “Little pleasant surprises”

After trying wicker chairs, which require difficult cleaning after time in a damp climate, and uncomfortable Uruguayan stuffed furniture, we settled on a comfortable lawn chair for my wife in the living room. It’s great! And we replaced the rustic and rotting wooden bay window with an aluminum one that actually keeps rain out (what a concept). All told, it’s a wonderful little spot for a dog to hang out, watch live “television,” and munch on a Hibiscus flower, with a backup tennis ball nearby…Continue Reading “Mochaspace”

Yesterday: Syd expecting house-sitters arriving by bus at our usual dog walk time, suggests we go at 1:45 instead of 3:00. No problem. I show up on time. Except that it’s 12:45. And now his dogs are all agitated, so we go an hour early. I wonder what exactly I was thinking. It must take a special set of skills to misread a digital clock: my computer and cell phone. After the walk, I stop by (an hour early, but fine with them) to collect…Continue Reading “Not firing on all cylinders”