The antique Commer truck. September 2012: December 2012: December 2014 – mistakenly thought to be a different one: January 2016: and yet again, parked at the zoo: Alas, on a dreary day in 2019, that sad truck that appears to have finally reached the end of the line: Interesting to reflect that this truck was built the year I was born. Happy to report I’m holding up better….

There may be a story here … or not. Pigeon on TV antenna. Yes, weather that dreary. A dead penguin on the beach. An appeal to ecological awareness, which caused me to remark how surprisingly free of plastic waste the beach in fact was. And a surprise: the fishing platform mostly gone – it has been a long time since I walked on the beach. It always had room for several people … no more. And Mocha never stopped running the entire time – so…Continue Reading “A walk on the beach”

The beautiful sunny days faded into more typical dreariness, and though it wasn’t cold-cold (do people say such things elsewhere?), a fire beckoned last night. We have a good supply of wood, and anything that decreases humidity is welcome almost any time, so it wasn’t difficult decision. And The Committee approved.