A year ago, Mocha was a tiny little thing. As time went on, he decided the little closet niche next to my office chair was a nice hangout. But then he outgrew it. Except that, today, months later, he demonstrated that he hadn’t: Maybe it’s because Syd had earlier sent me a video of animal escape artists and he wanted to prove something? Who knows? Dogs can be wonderfully weird.

40+ people lined up to get into a farmácia? That seemed a bit odd. I was on my way to pick up alterations from the modista (seamstress*).  I asked her why this might be. Turns out this is the first and only pharmacy on the coast licensed to sell marijuana. Aha! . * 2 women’s pants extensively altered, torn men’s cargo pants turned into shorts, baggy shirt turned into tapered, all for $700 – USD 21.50.

Ya think? New filter cartridges above; the ones below have been in place for all of three months. A few minutes later, all set to go again. One of the cartridges is supposed to be changed twice a year. No way! Four times a year for each. You can see water that came out of the tap (more than once) here. Unfortunately, when we had a well hand-drilled shortly after arriving, they stopped when they reached water at 17.5 meters. Had I known better, I…Continue Reading “Time to change water filters”

A flier showed up in our mailbox for the new droguería in town. Start with that: droguería translates as “drug store,” so what’s the one thing you would expect a droguería to not sell? Did you say drugs? Congratulations! They sell industrial chemicals, cleaning supplies, garden products, cleaning and beauty supplies…but not drugs. Here’s the flier:   Deliveries without charge; that’s nice. But if you’re a native English speaker and your brain shuts down halfway through, you can read it as “deliveries without cargo.” Worse,…Continue Reading “Language fun”

…to start thinking about an asado. This calf was tethered along the road a few blocks from our house on Saturday. In town, not in the country. A few blocks from the beach. Go figure.