I’m a semi-retired guy, born in the United States. I’ve always liked photography. I taught art and photography in international schools in my 20s, in England and Malta. I also worked in (then West) Germany as a school yearbook rep, a job which took me to 14 countries. Later I managed a school picture company that worked with DoD schools.

In Germany I met my wife, also American. We did a children’s book together, which led to successful school author visits. We then quit our jobs and moved to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We didn’t how many children’s book authors and illustrators also called it home—competition! Nonetheless, we built a thriving school author visit business. But the Pacific Northwest market has limits. Also, our house more than doubled in value in six years thanks to zoning changes. We made more money selling the property than we had made in publishing. We packed up and drove across the country to rural North Carolina, and a house we had bought sight unseen. A couple years later, after twelve years, we became an overnight success. Scholastic Book Fairs: from 22,000 books in print to 240,000 sold in the space of a few months. Then further contracts. We stopped visiting schools. Universe sent into our lives an 11-year-old boy who was soon to become an orphan. We adopted him and, well, lots of stories—.

We left the U.S. again almost exactly 20 years later. We lived outside Pátzcuaro, México for almost three years before moving further south. Uruguay is mostly peaceful. Mexico is mostly not.

I blog for my own amusement: observations, oddities, and occasional humor. But you might also find some useful insights about living in Uruguay.

Which is here:

Where is Uruguay?

You can read more about what led to us living in Uruguay here.