Tajamar, September 2013, Canelones, Uruguay This was our “test” pond two years ago. We didn’t know if it would fill with water or not. Indeed, it did. So this…

Have tajamar, seek water

…After yesterday’s pozo negro, our friendly backhoe (retroexcavadora) operator started in on the tajamar, or pond (background) in the local lingo, which we hope will fill with runoff…

My Saturday in UY

…chacra nearby where the in-places knee-high grass needed cutting. A couple of wild ducks flew into our tajamar, but decided the noise of the lawn mower was offensive, and left….

The handouts

…ponds — which reminds me our tajamar in the campo, bone dry two weeks ago, is more than half full after the recent rain. More on the tajamar here, here,…

A little less tero-torial now

…see the baby tero-teros. Instead, I was not greeted by noise. The teros, near the tajamar (pond), remained quiet until I approached to check the water level. Here’s the nest….