It’s time

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Almost eight years! This blog has been real, it’s been fun … and yet after a certain point, not real fun. When your fascination runs out of steam, when there’s no more juice flowing, it’s not time to mourn, but to move on.

My Day in Uruguay

Some funny stuff,
some pretty pics,
some oddities.

Thanks for your attention!

Reviewing the stats, I found 1,218 posts listed, but only 1,217 published. Aha!

The digging dog

26 February 2018. This is from a month or so ago. Kiya, a dog obsessed with digging, makes a cave in the bank of the swimming hole (which at that point had no water). Benji looks on, and – are you ready for this? – there’s a third dog in there as well.

dog digging in sandy bank, Uruguay

As a closing comment, I think that image says it all.

Or nothing at all.


10 thoughts on “It’s time

  1. Sad to see you stop. I always look forward to your rambles, but understand. Please keep the blog to go back and re-read. Mom was always amused. We often looked at your posts together.

  2. I enjoyed your blog. Over the years I only commented once but I read and enjoyed every post. Thanks…take care.

  3. I had begun to suspect that something was wrong so it is a relief to learn that the recent paucity of posts was in fact due to boredom rather than illness. Another fabulous vacation like the Brien Foerster hidden Inca tour would have been good. Thanks for all the entertaining (dog biscuit math, terminator bug spray, ) gross (volunteering to help clean and repair the squalid dog collector’s house,) and sometimes sad (Karma’s tumor, Benji’s end) stories and photos which are stories in and of themselves. Funny, it feels a little like when I first discovered your blog. Shortly after reading about your nomadic treks to the Northwest US, Mexico, and then to Uruguay, you posted a notice entitled (if memory serves) Sayonara. Having seen the movie of that title as a kid, I immediately thought of the tragic double suicide ending. I told you that it didn’t bode well (my peculiar sense of humor.) Perhaps you were puzzled. Thank you for living past the ennui and continuing to allow us a glimpse into your very unique life. Best wishes to you and your wife. PS: If i ever make my way to Uruguay, I might just stop by to borrow a selection of those crazy electrical adapters.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Norma. To be honest, I didn’t realize anyone was paying that much attention!

      Sayonara – June 2015. We had just returned from an Alaska cruise, and Arizona. Something about seeing big places far away made the idea of my “blog about nothing” less attractive.

      I might get something going on Tumblr. No WordPress constant maintenance, and wider-ranging. We’ll see….

  4. Thanks for all the fun (and it was)… but, all things come to an end.

    The very best to you and yours.

  5. Que lastima! Been checking your blog every month or so. I love your perspective of things and your sense of humour my friend, it showed in your posts. Abrazo de gol from the land down under!

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