5 thoughts on “Spot the difference

  1. You do realize that the reason there are no contrails over Atlántida is because there are no high flying jets, right?

    1. You do realize I lived near Portland Oregon from 1986 through 1985 and never once saw low-altitude “contrails”* that turned blue-sky mornings into grayed-out afternoons? Were there no airplanes then?

      *In case you miss the subtlety, contrails do not occur at low altitudes.

    1. Too bad! We were actually in Vancouver, WA, so nothing in Oregon – except for airport car return at 4:30 AM – was within 45 minutes! (Can’t believe the traffic now, having lived there mid-80s through mid 90s.) Typical of our two weeks in the US (8 states, 4 rental cars, etc) we were on the move the entire short time we were there.

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