Startcoin, stopped

A few years ago I started paying around with cryptocurrencies. I’m not sure what got me onto Startcoin, but it was probably during a particularly frothy period where a gimmicky 20-something took to YouTube to present himself as an expert and this was The. Next. Great. Thing.

Some time ago, an exchange warned me to move my holdings to my own wallet, since they were delisting it for lack of activity. Duly noted – recent global 24 trading volume USD 2:

Think that’s bad?

Think that’s bad? Here’s the most recent 24 hour trade data:

Of course if there’s no trading, no nothing, it’s kind of hard to connect with the network to update. This was a few days ago:

This is today:

I’m almost half way there! How exciting! Maybe when I’m up to date, I can transfer my few dollars worth of Startcoin to one of the two exchanges that still list it (why?):

Then I can place an order to dump my stake and watch the price dive – a true market influencer? I doubt I’ll ever get there. Still, it’s fun to watch. Of the thousands of cryptocurrencies, 95% or more will follow this trajectory into complete worthlessness.

By the way, this “investment” was not with real money – I long since recouped my capital in fiat currency. This is playing with froth.

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