Not playing

Unusual fuss last night; dogs wouldn’t come in. Bandito the Shih Tzu was burrowing impossibly into the aloe vera, backed by chain link fence, until I had to swat at him with a flashlight to flush him. He went inside, I went inside. Then Susan announced that Mocha was inside, she not seeing, as I did, something a foot long hanging from his mouth.

My first thought was a rat, but he jumped on the couch and deposited a young comedreja (possum). “Dead,” I said, but Susan reminded me how well they play dead, so I grabbed it by the tail with a piece of paper towel and deposited it outside the fence, where our dogs couldn’t get at it.

Alas, the morning light revealed that it was not, after all, playing dead.

It’s not the first, but a little less mysterious than the last.

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    1. I would have protected it had I known it was there. We have a stretch of very thick aloe vera in front of chain link fence on the side of our driveway. No way I could navigate in there unfortunately. I would eliminate it but then we’d have to look at the ugly chain link fence and ugly neighbor’s yard 😉

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