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When you see chairs lined up either side of the road, it means tonight is the Carnaval parade in Atlántida. But they’re not there just as a nice gesture. If you want to sit, you have to pay.

I went out to see part of the parade one year, and haven’t felt compelled to do so again. You can find more in the Wikipedia article on Uruguayan Carnival (which apparently doesn’t meet Wikipedia’s high editorial standards, oh my!) and find videos of our local desfile here.

5 thoughts on “It’s that day

  1. “and haven’t felt compelled to do so again”

    Any chance you can expand on that statement as to the reason why? I’m just curious.

    1. It was interesting, but not exciting for me. Likewise I can’t imagine going again to the Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha in Tacuarembó. Also it was a 15-minute walk away and I avoid going out at night, especially as a pedestrian with Uruguayan drivers (btw I will bring another dash cam back from the US in May to resume documenting them; would have caught an Argentine yesterday making a left turn out of Disco, which involved driving over the elevated lane dividers – brilliant!).

  2. The YouTube link that you provided, makes it abundantly clear why you never felt compelled to return — not quite New Orleans Mardi Gras.

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