Dealing with the podas

Maybe six months ago I wrote to the Intendencia of Canelones (our departamento), who had been putting up lots of signs like this.

“This space is also yours. Take care of it.” Obvious implication being, don’t leave crap here.

Given a ditch in front of my house, and narrow street, where exactly was I supposed to put tree and bush trimmings (podas), I asked? I never received a reply.

However, a month or so ago a large container appeared nearby on the large circular lot, and filled rapidly.

It actually appears in two different places. This was the second.

And here is the first. Apparently they assumed – as did I, for that matter – that it would be obvious the containers were there solely for organic material. Apparently, though, the owner of the washing machine and the guy who dragged overgrown chain link fencing didn’t get the memo. Or maybe they would have been hauled away, had they actually made it into the container instead of being left next to it. Either would have required more than one person to accomplish.

Before the container appeared, I had made substantial and ugly pile of trimmings this side of that little path in the foreground. I made a point of cleaning it all up when the container appeared, even though it was not actually in this spot, but the other, 50 meters away. It was a bit of work, but it was the right thing to do.

Will the people who left this stuff be equally responsible?

I suspect I already know the answer to that question.

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  1. “Will the people who left this stuff be equally responsible?”

    Best joke I’ve heard in quite some time! Thanks for the laugh and keep ’em coming Doug.

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