New year reminder

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For a year now I’ve had a calendar from a local pharmacy hanging on my wall next to a window I often leave open a little at night – which occasionally Mocha the dog opens further with his nose. This morning, for the first time I ever, I came downstairs to this:

wall calendar on floor
(the glass bead is one of many our son Jesse made when we lived in Mexico)
wall calendar in Uruguay
Cowbells are from Susan’s time on Cyprus, before the Turks invaded in 1974 and she was evacuated

The calendar, blown off its nail and on the floor. But of course: its time is up. I replaced it.

Only in processing the photo – not taking it – did I notice the gray background designs on the calendar, which last year’s didn’t have.

Given what I’ve been reading and learning lately, makes me wonder how many other things I might be missing that are right in front of me?

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