The MoCave

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A year ago, Mocha was a tiny little thing.

dog and puppy

As time went on, he decided the little closet niche next to my office chair was a nice hangout. But then he outgrew it.

Except that, today, months later, he demonstrated that he hadn’t:

Maybe it’s because Syd had earlier sent me a video of animal escape artists and he wanted to prove something?

Who knows? Dogs can be wonderfully weird.

2 thoughts on “The MoCave

  1. Those eyes! if Mocha asked for you to enlarge the space, you’d have to oblige.
    Frankly, if Mocha asked for a Porsche, you’d have to think about it – with those eyes- pobrecito!

    1. In order to maintain “alpha” status, it’s important not to let the dog invade your space on his terms. But when he nudges with his nose and looks at you with those eyes, it’s difficult to (gently) push him away!

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