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A flier showed up in our mailbox for the new droguería in town. Start with that: droguería translates as “drug store,” so what’s the one thing you would expect a droguería to not sell? Did you say drugs? Congratulations! They sell industrial chemicals, cleaning supplies, garden products, cleaning and beauty supplies…but not drugs. Here’s the flier:



Deliveries without charge; that’s nice. But if you’re a native English speaker and your brain shuts down halfway through, you can read it as “deliveries without cargo.”

Worse, if you’ve lived in Uruguay a while, that almost seems right.

I’ve been gradually de-Googling, and was delighted to find an alternative to Google Translate that promised to be good.



Alas, that delight was short-lived.

So, forget this – on to something practical: find out if the window people are ever going to measure for a screen, as promised weeks ago. Need their phone number. “Stuck to soccer field 5” seemed like a strange address, so I wondered if I was missing something.

sucked to football


Apparently yes. Or at least, someone/thing is missing something.


2 thoughts on “Language fun

  1. I knew soccer was popular here but never imagined that it had properties powerful enough to keep you sucked (or stuck) to the field (court) itself.

    or maybe…

    The guy has no fixed business address and his address “floats” and is where ever he is at that specific point in time? Kind of like a UY version of “Where’s Waldo?” – ¿Dónde está Aluvidri?

    1. Being a month since he promised to come by next week, it is indeed a question I’m asking.

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