The dream and the moth

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Ever since The Matrix was released in 1999, more and more attention has been given to the thought that maybe we live in a simulation. Search for simulation hypothesis and you’ll potentially be busy for a while. Then there’s the idea of the reincarnation trap, the idea that we are fooled into reincarnating by the Archons so they can harvest fear energy, and we remain trapped in devastations and wars of this simulation again and again. Essentially, the advice of going toward the light is a huge spiritual deception. When you check out of the body, you should go away from the light. Nota bena, Shirley MacLaine.

I woke up early this morning and, not wanting to get out of bed, lay there thinking and dozing. I thought about this light thing, wondering what it would look like, and then I was in a dream, in black space, seeing it. Aha! I turned away and found myself face to face with a large bright television-like screen. I started to look at it, then abruptly shifted my focus back – they’re trying to block the exits! So I decided to simply go around it, and I don’t know what more happened, but then I was awake again.

I went downstairs to a remarkable sight. My office window was open more than I would have left it – nod to a certain dog here – with screen removed, as it often is. In the downstairs bathroom I saw this:

huge black moth on ceiling

A huge black moth on the ceiling, exactly centered on the window.

I have seen moths a few times in Uruguay, but not many, and never huge (this one is about 5 inches/12.7 cm across). And never black.

So I gently opened the window, carefully removed my homemade screen, closed the bathroom door, turned off the ceiling light (just in case), and gently touched the moth with a piece of newspaper. It was gone in a second, fluttering out the window…

…and into the light.

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