Another snake

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This from yesterday. As last time, almost off the trail. Definitely alive, but very sluggish — I gently nudged it with a stick. Syd yelled at his dogs to keep them away from it. Happily, none really noticed snake nor yelling. And regardless, managed not to step on it.



Here’s the last one (30 September) — different coloration:

And this from November 2016Falsa Crucera de Hocico Respingado – Lystrophis (the tail is a giveaway):

Unidentified snake, Canelones, Uruguay

And this from last NovemberFalsa Coral – Oxyrhopus rhombifer rhombifer (?):

I’m not particularly into snakes, but it presents an interesting challenge to figure out “who’s who” in the local snake world.




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