Get thee to the Whoppspital

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted Quadruple bypass on a bun, amazed that such an excessively unhealthy thing could exist, even in Uruguay, home of the chivito. The other day, riding the bus back from Montevideo, I spotted this:

Burger King billboard, Montevideo

Curious, I went back to the Burger King site to see what this monstrosity might be. I found no “Ultra Whopper,” but there’s the same photo:

Whopper® Queso Bacon

To refresh your memory, on the product page there is a link to “nutrition information,” consisting of

cake and fries

To add to your gastric distress, perhaps you’d also like artificial chocolate goop or acrylamides via potatoes fried in “vegetable” oil.

But wait, there’s a punchline here, in the last line: Frente a H. Clinicas. So after scarfing down all this “good stuff,” you may not even need an ambulance: they can just roll you on a stretcher across the street to this grim monstrosity,

Hospital de Clinicas, Montevideo

the Hospital de Clinicas.



4 thoughts on “Get thee to the Whoppspital

  1. How conveniently located! The next time I feel like a big Whopper and fries, I will certainly consider this excellent location.

    1. Hard as it may be to fathom, the place is even grimmer inside than outside. I went there once to give blood. It was there I read a magazine for retailers explaining to them that by law they had to refund money if a customer returned an item in saleable condition. Pretty much on schedule — 30 years behind!

  2. I’m wondering if Burger King has struck a promotional deal with Doug?

    Perhaps something like free grub for a year in exchange for strategically placed blurbs about the excesses they peddle that somehow becomes irresistibly tempting to the blog reader resulting in late night runs to BK in their quest for the elusive Ultra Whopper (that doesn’t even exist???)?


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