Quadruple bypass on a bun

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Last couple days, I’ve had to venture past the peaje – tool booth – a couple times, to buy tiles. A phone call confirmed that what I wanted was en stock, and the visit to pay for them confirmed, as last time, that that means “come back tomorrow afternoon after they’re delivered from Montevideo.” That’s OK: it’s not far, and I like the certainty of seeing goods versus waiting around for delivery of – whatever….

And, of course, the odd chance for cultural enlightenment. At the Costa Urbana shopping mall, which sprawls above Avenida Giannattasio and contains perhaps 157 stores selling shoes (I’m not sure an accurate count has ever been done), I saw this appalling Burger King ad, for a quadruple-cheesburger with bacon.

something about burger king

I have noticed that Uruguayans have gotten noticeably fatter the nine years we’ve been here. Still not perhaps up to American Standards, but definitely noticeable. But – I immediately wondered – is this uniquely Uruguayan? Something in me said yes, but that seemed unlikely.

So I went online.

something about burger king

This horrific “flame grilled to perfection” culinary disaster represents the maximum extent of Burger King’s US offerings: a mere 1,480 calories and 2,340 milligrams of salt.

Now let’s look at Burger King’s Uruguay site:


something about burger king

OK, maybe I added something. Click on that, and you can see that they offer more info about “nutrition:” this should be interesting, no?

something about burger king

Ah, yes…

something about burger king

… their further nutritional info is also maybe you’d like some chocolate-cake ice-cream thing or French fries?

The type in red is my addition: also maybe you’d like a trip to the emergency room in an ambulance?

This is the same profoundly misled/ignorant place where feedlot beef commands a premium.

Paradise Uruguay. Uruguay Natural. No: just more exploitation of ignorance.




8 thoughts on “Quadruple bypass on a bun

    1. And how the stuff that is good for you either sucks, or is totally unsatisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I love fruits and vegetables, but I can eat 5lbs of veggies and fruits in a sitting and still feel empty, and be starving again in half an hour. It’s a bummer.

      1. Eat To Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, provides some interesting insights. “Feeling empty” and “starving” are both pretty vague. Maybe your body needs more water? Do you feel “hunger” in your gut, or in the back of your throat?

        Syd and I, walking dogs, were just talking about how our tastes have changed. 15-20 years ago, I “treated” myself to Burger King occasionally. As I think I might have mentioned here, after our “mandatory” stop at Dairy Queen when last in the States (July 2017) I realized I never needed to do that again. Don’t mean to sound righteous; after gaining inches during our first visits to Uruguay, I made rule never to order fries, but still pilfer them from my wife’s plate. And maybe a Whopper would still taste wonderful. But among other things, they’re bloody expensive here, even as I’m not tempted to find out.

        Just for the record, I think you exaggerate when you say you can eat five pounds (2.27 kg to the rest of the world outside Liberia and Myanmar, another recent dog-walk discussion) of veggies and fruits in a sitting….

    2. Sugar, fat, salt: historically rare, but essential. Now cheap but still craved: perfect for corporate “food” profits leading to corporate “health care” profits.

  1. Mmmmm! Mega stacker Cuádruple!!!! Drool!! So sad that I have to choose between Papas Fritas and Pastel Helado HERSHEYS. Can´t I just choose both?

    1. Of course – go to town! Get a double order of fries to ensure your daily dose of toxic “vegetable” oil!

    1. And that they’re promoting industrial “feedlot” as premium beef here, when the standard is grass-fed, for which norteños happily pay a premium.

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