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A year ago, I brought back a cheap pair of boots from the United States.

chewed boots

The puppy found them great fun to chew on. The tongue on the right is mostly destroyed, and the backs of both have suffered as well. That’s unfortunate, but not sad.

In general, I can’t find shoes my size here, and when I do, they’re anything but cheap. Again, unfortunate, but not sad.

In addition to the structure of the shoes, Mocha apparently finds the laces to have a lovely mouthfeel. I’ve had to tie them together and figure new lacing patterns. That’s annoying (and challenging) but not sad.

Yesterday we were gone to Montevideo for many hours, and Mocha got to them again. This time the laces were severed in a way that made them unusable. Very annoying. But still not sad.

Only then, after months of putting up with this, did it occur to me to simply buy new laces.

I find that quite sad. Maybe I’ve been in Uruguay too long?



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