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As I stood in my little workshop, waiting for glue to set on the fake Crocs from which the puppy removed significant portions, I noticed the laser portion of my printer dissection. I assumed it would need to be broken open, but now picked it up and saw it had four little plastic tabs – piece of cake!

And very cool! The laser is at the arrow on the right. The hexagonal disk has mirrored edges, and is attached to a motor. The bizarrely-shaped plastic lens is obviously very carefully designed to very precisely deliver incredibly tiny dots at incredibly high speed. The arrow on the left points to a tiny mirror whose purpose remains a mystery to me. Amazing technology.

The plastic bits on the right represent a slightly less amazing technology. I was unable to plug in a Schuko plug to an adaptor (maybe the very one labelled C in this post from 2012). I thought I’d take it apart, which it turns out involved breaking it, but the stuck safety gate shown here dropped out. So I glued the broken parts back together, and voilà – another silly little project done.


4 thoughts on “More laser discovery

  1. How brilliant to be techy. Perhaps you take it for granted by now, but it’s really something to be envied.

    1. My father was an engineer. I was always “the artist,” drawing in 2-point perspective at age 5, and now comfortably retired after a series of self-published how-to-draw kids’ books that have sold many millions of copies. But actually doing things methodically is a skill (or maybe it’s just patience) I’ve only built over the years.

    1. Best I can figure that mirror has to spin 500,000 times per SECOND in in order to produce a printed page in 10 seconds. Hard to imagine how that’s even possible, but I spin that thing next to my ear and hear absolutely nothing! The replacement printer ($90 here; $50 in non-socialist-“paradise” countries) is smaller, with toner cartridge half the size, and cranks out pages twice as fast.

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