Unhappy day in Uruguay

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I refer, of course, to Uruguay getting booted out of the 2018 World Cup by France. Cavani didn’t play.

And it’s been kind of cold. And overcast: dreary.

But my new bath brush arrived from China!  It’s been almost three months since it was shipped.

body scrub brush

It’s also almost exactly three years from the first replacement. This time I paid $5.29 instead of $4.02. Before this order, I paid the same for two brushes, but mistakenly sent them to our official U.S. address. So now my my sister-in-law has two bath brushes.

body scrub brush

The condition of the old one is surprisingly similar to the last time. Interesting that the earlier one arrived in three weeks instead of three months, and the second arrived within days of three years after the first.

That numbers thing again?


4 thoughts on “Unhappy day in Uruguay

  1. Lucky that you are not living in the U.S. anymore because “You’re Fired Trump” would add a large duty fee to entice you to buy an American made brush that would cost you $20.00 plus taxes. Ahhh! The logic of political economics…

    1. Oh good grief. One can still buy all the cheap Chinese crap that they ever could, and just as cheap as ever. China, like the US, uses worthless fiat money that is backed by nothing. Hence, the Chinese also experience inflation.

  2. I totally got distracted and forgot to mention, that I much prefer a loofa to a brush. But those have never really been all that inexpensive for what they are.

    1. The loofah I bought a couple weeks ago won’t last long. Not like what we could get up north.

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