Shiny new car, and a bit of strangeness

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Renault Duster
Photo the dealer sent when the car arrived

We finally took delivery of our new car, a Renault Duster. Though it’s been wonderful to have a loaner car for two months, it’s fabulous to be sitting high off the road again, and the Duster may replace my 2002 Toyota 4Runner as my all-time favorite car. It’s a sort-of SUV, only two wheel drive, lacks some bells and whistles such as electric mirrors, but by default – YESSSSSSSS! — front running lights turn on when you start the engine. These are required in Uruguay by law, and not having to remember to turn the lights on is a great plus. On the Meriva there was not even the option to pay the dealer a rapacious USD 100 fee to change the computer. Couldn’t be done.

I was going to write that despite close calls, I’ve never been pulled over for not having lights on. Not true: during our first visit, in March 2009, I drove through the Solís toll booth, and was pulled over by an older policeman on foot. He told me my Spanish was very good, and I was tempted to reply “yours isn’t!” but refrained – I was still struggling to understand the Rioplatense zhmumbling. He seemed to be hinting something about a Coke, like a small bribe, but the smallest I had was a 20 Euro note (we had been in Europe four months before), and I wasn’t giving him that. My lack of comprehension eventually led to an impasse, and we drove off fine-free.

Back to the story: the Meriva, you might recall, ended up like this:

wrecked 2010 Chevy Meriva

Please note the license plate. Now compare to the new one:

Just a bit interesting, no? Is Universe sending a message?


3 thoughts on “Shiny new car, and a bit of strangeness

  1. Oh Doug, I so enjoy your blog. Have been saving up your others for a quiet moment, but had to read this one quickly.

    Congratulations on the new car. What a beauty!

    1. Thanks! This is the 24th car I’ve owned (including jointly with my wife), the fourth purchased new, and I think it has edged out the 2002 Toyota 4Runner I had in Mexico as my all-time favorite. We ended up with the Meriva mainly because it was all we could get late in the year when we arrived in Uruguay.

  2. Wow! Amazing! 6136 to 6631. Wonder what the odds are of that? I will refrain from trying to explain AAF to AAS, but I´m sure it´s important.

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