Because your house must have a name

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Addresses in Uruguay are an utter mess. Houses have no numbers outside of cities, and even there the idea that numbers should be in some sort of order seems to have somehow gotten lost. And if an address includes “esq” (esquina=corner) it doesn’t mean the house is on the corner of the two streets, but merely that’s the place to start looking.

Some house names are interesting. We liked the previous owners’ choice, Caviahue, so kept it. It’s the name of a ski resort in central Argentina, and means “place of encounters” in Mapuche / Mapudungun.

But what if you lack the imagination to come up with a name like that?

Boring house name in Uruguay

Simply call it “my house.” Instead of mi, write mia and voilà! It’s now Italian and exotic.

I guess.


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