2 thoughts on “Am I dead yesterday?

  1. I think you should have immediately replied “yes”, just to see what further communication they would send to a dead man who responds.

    1. Done!

      Yes, this is to confirm that I am dead yesterday.

      On Mar 18, 2018, at 12:03 PM, Notification wrote:


      It is about your inheritance payment here in our Credit Agricole Bank of Egypt,
      somebody call Mr. Allen Roland Jr came to claim your inheritance fund this
      morning and said that you authorized him to claim the fund and that he is
      your new Next of Kin.

      He has provided the whole documentation as to prove that he is your next
      of kin, the fund so the fund is yet to be transfer to his account. So that
      is the reason why we contacted you to find out whether you are still alive
      because he said to us that you are dead yesterday.

      Reply to this email below ASAP
      Email: kolazakicreditagricolebanking@gmail.com

      Mr. Kola Zaki
      Administrator Department


      Mrs. Daina Williams
      Form: Secretary Officer
      Credit Agricole Bank of Egypt.

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