The little one, two months later

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dog with small puppy
Beginning of December: 3.3 kilos
puppy sleeping in basket
One month later: 6.5 kilos
dog with puppy
Today, two months later: 11+ kilos (can’t get him still enough on the scale to get an accurate reading!)

And he’s apparently learning from his older brother:

dog on couch
Benji in November 2015
puppy upside-down on couch
The little one, today.


2 thoughts on “The little one, two months later

  1. Not too much longer before he wants to go with his big brother in the car and do whatever happens every day.

    1. He has determined that exploration is a Good Thing — as in wallowing in ditch mud once past our driveway gate. Also indulging in increasingly insane backyard chases (will we ever have any squash?). Not quite ready for The Big Room, but soon.

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