Road trip, Austrian style

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You may recall my fascination with the unwieldy vehicles that arrive here,  most often from Germany. I’m equally (actually,  more) amused when I see a perfectly ordinary car that managed to brave the same territory.

Here’s one that has been traveling in South America for five years, driven by an Austrian who sold his restaurant and took to the road.

Austrian Land Rover, South America tour

He said that if he had a dollar for every time his rig had been photographed, he would never have to work another day in his life. I believe it!

Austrian Land Rover, South America tour

He leaves for Austria in a couple weeks. His final preparation will be to take off the front bumper, which extends forward maybe 30 cm, and strap it to the roof. Turns out the shipping company charges for a set length (I’m guessing 5 m), and with bumper in place this vehicle exceeds that.

Just pay a little extra? No, €1,300 without bumper, but €2,600 with — that’s good pay for an hour of simple mechanical work!


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