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While the puppy has become better at not leaving nasty-cleanup morning surprises, we did find this morning, destroyed by puppy teeth,  the end of the ethernet cable that connected to the computer that we use for watching movies. My fault: I left it dangling when I moved that computer to the dining room table while my Mac Mini is the hospital, having succumbed to a panic attack.

Yes, that’s a real thing: kernel panic, where the machine decides something’s not right and shuts down. Over and over and over.

No problem. I have a crimping tool; all I had to do was pick up an Ethernet plug at the local electric store. Since it was easier to see the tiny colored wires outside in the sun, I moved the operation to the picnic table, prepared the wires, and went two meters inside the house to double check on the order of the wires, difficult to see  with certainty at the other end of the cable. If the eight little wires don’t match at both ends of the cable, ain’t gonna work.

A handy diagram on the computer reassured me that it was orange-stripe, orange, green stripe, blue, et cetera. I jotted them down, and returned outside…

repairing ethernet cable

…to find that in my absence of a few moments the puppy had severed the other end of the cable.

Rode my bike to the store (actually two; apparently I had bought the last Ethernet plug this morning at the first), and bought three plugs. One because I needed it, and two por las dudas — just in case.

It’s all good, but I think I’ll be hiding cables at night for a while.


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