Sad, pathetic people

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Generally, I try to keep things here upbeat. But walking daily in a sprawling area whose owner or owners are unknown, that is sometimes difficult.

Consider this: from one day to another, a dumped load of furniture and windows appears in the middle of nowhere.

open air dump, Uruguay

They could have left all of this near a trash container. They could have left some of it near a recycling container. Instead they just dump it carelessly. In fact, I would argue contemptuously, since they managed to smash at least one of the windows.

open air dump, Uruguay

It’s not a spot where other stuff has been dumped. There are several of those. No, just a new, random location.

Update — per Syd comment. I took a marker with me on our walk today. The person who did this might pass by again, might not. But anyone who does will read it:

cerdo humano, Uruguay

“Left by a human pig.” Play on ser humano, which means “human being.”


3 thoughts on “Sad, pathetic people

  1. Trash dumping is one of my major pet peeves, and one of the few things for which I would actually turn someone in to the cops.

    1. First, we’d have to know who did it. Second, we’d have to convince ourselves that the cops would give a shit. #1 difficult; #2 approaching impossible.

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