Walking dogs yesterday, we got into a discussion of bugs, as in garden variety. Syd and Gundy had a bunch of green spiders, and he wondered what they were, and whether they would hurt his tomato plants. He also mentioned a long green beetle with long antennae with balls on them. They were all over the blackberries, but apparently not harming anything.

Returning 45 minutes later, within a few meters of his front gate, returning, one landed on his arm, as if to say, “Welcome home!”

strange little beetle, Uruguay

Kind of cute. I guess.



4 thoughts on “The bug

  1. I do not know nowadays, but when I was a child 40 years ago this was called a “guitarrero”, a guitar player bug. AFAIK is harmless. If you catch it and put it very close to your ear you should listen something that seems to sound like a guitar. 40 years ago, it sounded like one.

  2. So, today I typed “longhorn beetle Uruguay” into the Google search and clicked on images. Guess who was on the top line!

    Inline image
    I sent the picture to my friend Frank, who has an interest and knowledge of bugs. First he sent me an online encyclopedia of beetles, but I did not find our beetle. Today, he forwarded this message.


    You’re welcome. It was a fun challenge.


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