The last box

Since we have to go into Montevideo, today was a beach walk day. Strong wind. Heading back, near the zoo, I saw a trash container that had apparently been blown over. I decided to right it, a bit of a challenge with one arm, since I had Benji on a leash. But I did it.

One shoe box remained on the ground. I picked it up, noticed keys, old photos and a copy of a cédula.

box with personal items

The cédula number is 698,315. I didn’t see the birthdate on the back, but seeing as my cédula number from seven years ago is over 5.8 million, and Uruguay’s population is only 3.5 million, I’d say she had a pretty long life.



4 thoughts on “The last box

  1. Continuing the music links, from “Sparrow” by P. Simon.

    “For all I’ve created returns unto me
    From dust were ye made and dust ye shall be”

    1. Surprised I had never heard that song before.

      Currently reading “The Science Delusion” by Rupert Sheldrake. “Dust to dust” is a perfect example of the mechanistic world view, the reason scientists can’t ask questions that might call into doubt parts of The Official Science Narrative. But that’s another discussion….

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