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Knowing my fondness for quirky Uruguayan handwriting, Syd sent along this gem:

Marvelous Uruguayan handwriting

1 something times maybe 20, or 20 liters, and one of the worst attempts at a 9 that I’ve seen yet. His annotations are in dark red, but why stop there? What’s with the month scribble? And since when is a 7 simply a crossed 1?

What’s starting to make sense is that this handwriting actually mirrors the way many Uruguayans speak. Not all, but many, especially the important people like electricians, mechanics, and plumbers: largely incomprehensible mumbles to a non-native.

Alas, I didn’t pick up handwriting samples in Colombia, Peru, or Bolivia, where they speak clearly, so I’ll just have to hypothesize for now that they also write legibly. Seems a stretch, but you never know.



1 thought on “Starting to make sense?

  1. Of course, if you were shown the figures for the month or the year, without having the headings above that told you what the figures were meant to represent, there would be no possible way for you to come up with an accurate guess. With the guidance or AÑO above, you can decode, as you have done, that the + sign is actually a 7 with a cross-bar, but without a top. I originally thought it was a capital H, and wondered what that had to do with the year. There is no logical explanation at all for the month symbol. The product was Sikafill, in spite of what appears to be a letter z where the letter a should be. The weight was 20 kg. Good guess on that scribble!

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