The grand niece

I met my 4 month-old grand niece this week in Connecticut!

The grand niece

Though I can profess no knowledge of babies, nor child raising under age 11 for that matter, Mckenzie is a great baby.

As I traveled to meet her, though, I thought it weird that I could not remember ever having held a baby. Had I ever? My niece Amanda answered authoritatively…

The grand niece

… with a photo of me holding her 32 years ago (I’m holding that picture in the first photo).


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    1. Now now AJ, you’re forgetting the distances involved. But Amanda talks about bringing her to Uruguay next year, which would be awesome.

  1. I love both photos. I can also relate to the pleasure of knowing you are just holding, not taking care of, the baby. Both times.

    1. The time I spent with Amanda was wonderful and enlightening – I learned more than I imagined possible about poop, and burping, on and on (I asked ). She’s doing an amazing job. But: age 4 months, four jabs today before I left. Fingers crossed.

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