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  1. I saw Carl Palmer’s ELP legacy at the Ridgefield Playhouse last year. It was a fantastic show and a very nice venue. Just make sure you don’t tip too many at the show because the Ridgefield police department is across the street from the Playhouse and at the ready to add to the town’s collection basket. Corrupticut – a nice place to be from.

    1. Good tip. Meanwhile in Uruguay the returned oncologist president has set the acceptable driving blood alcohol level at 0.00%. For absolutely everyone.

  2. Sorry if I touched a raw nerve with my comments but being from CT I can say without a doubt it is one of it not the most corrupt state in the union. It USED to be a great place to live but that was a long time ago my friend. Blog on!

    1. Well, given the glacial and Byzantine bureaucracy in Uruguay, I have occasionally thought, “you say there is no corruption in Uruguay like that’s a good thing, as in,”where can I drop a 50 to make something happen with my paperwork?”

      1. Government corruption is universal. Some camouflage it better than others but it’s a given that it exists everywhere. I haven’t lived in Uruguay long enough to experience it much first hand, but I can tell it’s ubiquitous by the stories told by some of the local people I’ve met.

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