Much’ agua

While watching organic fruits and vegetables harvested to order today — lettuce, swiss chard, celery, carrots, arugula, grapefruit — from the greenhouse I noticed something I’d never before seen to the east: water.

Not the ocean, but the Río Solís Chico. I asked Ricardo about it. Sí, hay much’ agua. So I had to check on our tajamar (pond), and wow, yeah, lots of water.

full pond, Uruguay

From our little country place — just a few hundred meters from Pilar’s, where the every-other-week feria organica happens, I could also see the river. That surprised me. I consider myself relatively observant, and if the river was visible from our place, I’d certainly never seen it before.

Much’ agua.

Since we first lived here at the mouth of the Río Solís Chico in Parque del Plata, and ever since loving its constantly changing paths as it hits the beach, I thought it might be worth checking out the water flow at the mouth of the river.

Solís Chico, Parque del Plata, Uruguay

Indeed! Hard to do justice in one photo, but in normal times the width of the water separating these two groups of people would be about one half this. You can get an idea here. In that video, all of the foreground beach was underwater today!

Much’ agua.


5 thoughts on “Much’ agua

  1. This is interesting. I read about this happening on both coasts down there. Eclipse related?

    Then Floyd, fires, earthquakes in the West US. And now, Tada! Irma shows up without a dinner invite.

    Went through Katrina, Rita (kind of) and WILMA! In 2005. Never really suffered. Problem is with hurricanes here is the advance warning. Day one, two – total panic. In the office we feed on each other. Day 3, sort of acceptance, final preparations. Day of storm… around for an open store to replenish the spirits.

    So here’s a toast to Irma – may you folllow Matthew’s path!

    Cheers! Patti in Miami

    And help, if you can, the wonderful people already seriously affected by her.

    1. I doubt the eclipse had an effect, but there’s plenty of evidence that weather is manipulated. Summer 2014 definitely felt like manipulated weather in Uruguay.

      I flew over the leading edge of Irma last night (I think – BOG – JFK). Didn’t notice anything, but apparently that’s not unusual. Irma is definitely being steered ashore, unfortunately. Stay safe!

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