Flooded beach

Flooded beach, Atlántida, Uruguay

We had a lot of rain overnight and this morning.

Flooded beach, Atlántida, Uruguay

All the more water for Benji to splash around in. Here he takes a brief confused time out, attention divided between the head of cabbage he quickly lost interest in tearing apart, the stick I had been throwing for him drifting away, and something else. We were the only ones on the beach, so who knows what the something else might have been.


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  1. Hey, I can leave a reply as I received an email notification. Have not been able to reply to other recent posts. On our walk we almost encountered the pack of dogs from the farm and then Sol and two of her offspring. I managed to divert my five away from both situations. We found the same three raptors at the flooded road, plus two herons today. Not a cabbage in sight, however.

  2. I was JUST thinking of you today!!!! Thanks for the photo and the knowing I was thinking bout YOU! Hope all is wonderful~BEEG HUGS to you and Susan! Katie G

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