Return of the swimming hole

I took this photo two days ago. We had been avoiding this route for several days because the water level had gotten so low that it only invited the dogs to get filthy. But my neighbor — who has a swimming pool — estimated earlier that we had gotten 1.5″ of rain in the early morning storm. Naturally Syd and I were curious to see how that translated in the doggy swimming hole.

dog swimming hole, Villa Argentina, Uruguay

Just wonderfully, it turns out! Plenty of room to splash around, lie down, or sit for a few seconds, looking goofy, before chasing each other around or digging holes (an activity frowned upon at home).

Now I can only wonder how deep will this get when we have continued rain? Stay tuned.



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  1. this isn’t swimming hole specific – but lately i am only receiving about one post in 4 and i have to click back to see the rest? do i need to re-up periodically?

    1. Should be no need! Sorry about that. I was fiddling with old posts so turned off the email notifications. And of course forgot to turn them back on for several posts :-0

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