By morning light

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A spider set up shop on our bedroom balcony last night.

Spider web, Uruguay

Alas, the empty web tells the tale: location is everything.



2 thoughts on “By morning light

  1. My hubby and I have an upstairs balcony but have yet to see a spider like that up on the second floor. Awhile ago I did hear my neighbor shout “Puta Madre.” Aggressive spider(s) did some construction work over his front door. I’m more afraid of the boa constrictors here in MIA these days. Really, who wants a snake as a pet! (The critters are dumped in the Everglades when they try to eat the owner’s children). Snakes do not cuddle in a normal way….

    1. Being cuddled by a boa constrictor doesn’t appeal somehow. I mentioned the location because one that builds overhead in the back yard, between the pine tree and our balcony, often when we’re sitting beneath it with a glass of wine, built down recently and I walked into it in the morning. That was a fabulous location, I thought, as I picked all the little pieces of dead insect husks off my clothing.

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