The Yacht Club

We had lunch the other day at a restaurant overlooking the Arroyo Solís Chico, opposite the Yacht Club Parque del Plata, near the statue of Ruperto. Several kids were learning to sail in tiny boats in the mild breeze.

Yacht Club Parque del Plata

You’ve probably guessed this already, but I has to walk around the back to see more. Not a Yacht in sight.

Yacht Club Parque del Plata

Curious to learn more about their activities, I discovered that they have a web site. There are no yachts there either. I’ve written before about the pathetic state of some web sites in Uruguay: take, for example, the national oil company. Try this link: Now type www. at the beginning and hit return. Kinda takes ya back twenty years, no? That’s Uruguay.

But the Yacht Club Solis Chico takes the web to a new level: see for yourself!



3 thoughts on “The Yacht Club

  1. I suppose, in a sense, the yacht club website is perfectly in synch with a yacht club that has probably never seen a yacht.

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