Caribbean signs

Syd sent me photos he took recently of signs in the Caribbean. Nothing to do with Uruguay, but too good not to pass on.

Sign in Granadines

Nailed to a tree in front of a rather simple house in Bequia, Grenadines. Don’t trouble with trying to parse it.

pharmacy sign in Grenada

All’s ill that ends L?

sign, Grenada

That awkward moment when you realize your drink’s been drinking. In the morning, no less.

2 thoughts on “Caribbean signs

  1. an aged, yet well meaning, dilapidated sign in a Trinidad nature reserve originally read: “Leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but photos, Kill nothing but Time”
    except now the final “e” in “Time” had been completely worn off.
    We had to take one of those mandatory photos of my partner Tim looking forlorn next to said sign.

    1. Love it 😉 Trying to remember the place we visited in Trinidad in 2003 or so – perhaps Asa Wright Nature Center….

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