Did I mention the wind?

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The squall-like wind did not last long the other day, but it came from every direction, which is why I so thoroughly sealed the stairway windows.

tree down from storm, Atlántida, Uruguay

In Atlántida, a rather majestic tree was uprooted, taking part of the sidewalk with it. I don’t think winching it back into place is an option. Too bad.

Tree downed by storm, Atlántida, Uruguay

A few meters away, the roots of another tree that fell the same direction, but was cut up to clear the street.

Tree down from storm, Atlántida, Uruguay

On a less-traveled street, a red rag warns passersby of a downed cable.

4 thoughts on “Did I mention the wind?

  1. Whoa! Have you noticed more extreme weather the past few years? Memories are pretty crappy and embellished.

    2005 Miami had 3 strong storms come though. Gave up trying to stop the water coming in the front door

    Love your blog. I come home from a stressful work day, read your blog and realize most everyone has a stressful day but in different ways.

    Happy New Year/Ground Hog Day

    1. Nice to hear, thanks 😉 Brace for even crazier weather events in 2017, according to Clif High, halfpasthuman.com.

    1. Many trees came down in a brief white squall in 2009, many more in September 2012. What made this one different was the wind coming from everywhere. And oddly, many huge leaning trees remain unaffected. BTW, I waited for quite a while to get a clear, well-lit view of the fallen tree. Good thing – the next day it was cut up and hauled away.

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