Christmas drear

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And in case we needed another reminder where we are — well, let me put this another way. Do you think that a person who makes his living installing windows should know how to install windows? If you answered yes, clearly you haven’t spent much time in Uruguay.

Incompetent window installation, Uruguay

Incompetent window installation, Uruguay


What makes this even “better” — the guy who installed it has already been back once to fix the leaks.

And this is not BK Aluminios, an incredibly bad but high-profile business. It’s a little mom-and-pop shop that at least pretends to care.


7 thoughts on “Christmas drear

  1. this is the window that a mere 4 days ago was treated with Igol Infiltración (which i thought looked pretty cool, btw) so, hey, no big deal- right? The wall is waterproofed! Or does it take longer than 4 days to work its magic?
    happy fiesta, pobrecito.

    1. Actually, this is the room above. When the otherwise-apparently-competent “professional” who installed it returned to seal the edges (which I could have done, but no, that’s not my job), he managed to completely seal the drainage hole, so with the second rain the inside track filled with water and overflowed into the room. I did fix that and added more sealant, but clearly there’s something still missing. Perhaps the desire to do a job right, or satisfy customers, neither of which appears to be a default setting in Uruguayan culture.

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