—Several years ago, getting a quote on a large order, I complemented the local lighting store on their prices, which were much better than another place I’d just been. The kid behind the counter said, ”Sometimes they’re more expensive. Sometimes we’re more expensive. There’s no real competition here.”

He used the word competencia.

competition and competence in Spanish

And today his statement was again proven true (with a twist, twice!) with a phone bill address and delivery.

ANTEL bill delivery fail, Uruguay

3 thoughts on “Compet—

  1. Close!

    (Close counts in horseshoes, grenades, nuclear bombs, and, apparently, bill delivery.)

  2. we, who as expats are uninvited guests & so careful to always pay our taxes on time, continue to receive our neighbor’s tax bills (he says it’s paid, the bill says it’s not…since 2013).
    A message?

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