Abandon logic all ye ….

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Presupuesto with weird Uruguay handwritten 9

The first thing about this presupuesto (estimate) you might notice1 is the 9 that looks like a lollipop. And you might recall that the 9s of Uruguay are a near-obsession of mine.

But no, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, but don’t find it: when you buy house paint in Uruguay, the cost varies with the color. You don’t just ask “how much does a liter of this brand cost?” — you have to ask “How much does a liter of this brand in this color cost?”

So I picked a slightly cream color and got the cost for 20 liters, UYP 2,596 (about USD 17.30/gallon). At the last (unhelpful) place I bought paint the cost for them to mix the color was a multiple of the cost of the plain white, so I wrote down another price.

Uhn huh. If you take the 20 liters of plain white, ask them to add color and mix it for you, they will charge you 89 pesos — less.

1 red arrows have a way of doing that

4 thoughts on “Abandon logic all ye ….

  1. Is that sickle behind the lollipop a mis-formed embryonic 4? And, backing up, under Cielos, is that first figure three-quarters of an X, or is does it represent a number? I suppose the backward (emphatic) F is actually a form of 7.

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